The Shifting Landscape Reveal

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The Shifting Landscape Reveal this story follows the young woman Alex McMillan, a single mom, after the death of her family patriarch. Soon, her toddler and dog go missing, and her best friend John is entangled in the mystery. As Alex unravels the family secrets, she finds herself in danger. She must decide whether or not she can survive.

The Shifting Landscape Reveal

The Shifting Landscape Reveal by Katherine is an enthralling debut novel from Katherine Kovacic. It reintroduces Alex Clayton, an art dealer, and his sidekick Hogarth. They are hired by the McMillan family to appraise their art collection. While there, they uncover a lucrative painting from the colonial era. In the process, they witness tensions between the family members and learn the history of dispossession.

Kovacic’s writing is a delight, and the Alex Clayton series is one of the best-selling crime/mystery novels in the world. Her writing skillfully melds rural drama, art history, and murder mysteries. Fans of Australian crime/mystery novels will be happy to learn that Kovacic also writes novels about art history.

This book is a must-read for fans of crime fiction. The plot is well-crafted, and Katherine Kovacic makes good use of the rural setting and the ongoing issue of indigenous ownership. The details of art history are also interesting and skillfully woven into the crime fabric. The Shifting Landscape by Katherine Kovacic is a worthy addition to the Alex Clayton series. It is a thrilling, absorbing read that will keep you guessing until the bloody end.

Despite being a crime novel, The Shifting Landscape Reveal raises important issues about Australia’s history. The book is well-written and has an excellent cover. The Shifting Landscape Reveal by Katherine Kovacic is a worthy addition to any collection of crime fiction. It is highly recommended for fans of espionage, murder, and romance.

The Shifting Landscape by Alex Clayton and Hogarth

The Shifting Landscape Reveal is a suspenseful crime novel with a family feel. It follows Alex Clayton, an art dealer, as he investigates a bequest that involves a painting from the colonial era. During the investigation, Alex witnesses a mysterious death and a child’s disappearance. A painting that has been stolen is also unearthed. The plot is fast-paced and keeps the reader on edge.

This novel is a wonderful crime novel that raises important issues about Australia’s history. Katherine Kovacic has an admirable respect for the art world, which she imparts to her readers. The Shifting Landscape is due for release on 31 March 2020 from Echo Publishing. Find out more about the book and the author at her website.

A young boy and a prized painting go missing, and Alex calls on his colleague John for help. As Alex and John search for the boy, Hogarth and the painting disappear, Alex realizes that something is amiss. He must stay until the mystery is solved.

The Shifting Landscape is an excellent mystery with characters that are full of subtlety and complexity. The characters and the relationships between key players are believable, and Dunbar avoids the usual crime fiction stereotypes. The character of Alex Clayton is complex and believable, and the relationship between him and his family is believable.

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The Shifting Landscape

Katherine Kovacic’s The Shifting Landscape is another excellent novel by the Ned Kelly Award-nominated author of the Alex Clayton series. It’s an engaging tale of an art heist set to an enchanting Australian country stage. The story follows a young art dealer, Alex Clayton, and his sidekick Hogarth, as they make the rounds of the McMillan family’s mansion and discover a lucrative painting from the colonial era. Along the way, they encounter the tensions of family life and learn about the history of dispossession.

The Shifting Landscape has a great pace and is an addictive family crime novel. Alex is thrown into the midst of the chaos that surrounds the bequest of the Kinloch property, which includes suspicious death, a missing child, gunshots, and a stolen painting. The plot is believable, and the pace is high, so that readers are immersed in the mystery and the twists and turns.

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