Best Wireless Earbuds for 2022: Top Picks for Every Listener

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If you’re looking for wireless earbuds that deliver good sound quality, there are many options available. This article focuses on Sony’s flagship earbud, Apple’s earbuds, and Jaybird’s earbuds. We’ll also look at the pros and cons of each brand’s product.

Sony’s flagship Wireless earbuds

Sony’s latest wireless earbud, the LinkBuds S, is already leaked online ahead of its official launch on April 16. Similar to the original LinkBuds, the LinkBuds S features a donut-like hole at the top for the ear to rest on. The headphones are intended to improve hearing quality and are equipped with noise-canceling technology.

The wireless earbuds also feature touch sensors to control various features. The left sensor controls active noise cancellation modes, while the right sensor controls playback controls. Users can customize the controls, but only within predefined templates. For example, if they want to switch between Playback and Ambient Sound, they must switch off the Active Noise Cancellation feature and enable ANC.

The Sony WF-C500 headphones come in several colors and price points. You can buy them in black, gray, or blue. The shipping date is October, so they are expected to be available on many sites.


If you want the ultimate sound quality with wireless earbuds, look no further than Bose’s Wireless Earbud series. These earphones feature high-fidelity audio and world-class noise canceling. They feature StayHear(TM) Max tips that eliminate background noise and allow your voice to take center stage. These headphones are truly wireless, which means you can listen to your music anywhere, even in noisy public places.

Bose’s Wireless Earbud lineup has several different models, each with a unique set of features and capabilities. The SSW wireless earbuds are the company’s GEN-1 model, while the QC version features Active Noise Canceling, better Bluetooth connectivity, and improved battery life.


The Jaybird’s Wireless Earbuds is a wireless pair of earphones with built-in Bluetooth 5.0. They have decent sound quality and pair with your phone with ease. The earbuds have a charging case with small LEDs that keep track of battery life. The right earbud drains more quickly than the left one. The earbuds’ buttons are hard to press but work well for controlling volume and skipping tracks.

Jaybird’s Wireless Earbuds comes with a charging case and a case that keep them secure in your ears. They are also designed to be comfortable and have a rubberized surface to keep them in place. The headphones are also very light, weighing just six grams a pair.

Master & Dynamic’s

The Master & Dynamic MW07 Wireless Earbuds are an impressive set of in-ear headphones. They offer great battery life, industry-leading noise cancellation, and clear audio. There is really very little to criticize about this pair of headphones, and they’ve only improved from their predecessor. However, at $349, they are quite expensive.

Master & Dynamic’s wireless earbuds are made of a comfortable and durable material. The ear cups are magnetic and have softer and thicker padding than on-ear headphones. In addition, they come with on-board controls that can control the volume and pause audio. The left earbud has a multi-function button and ANC/Ambient (ANC) button for easy control of your music.

Master & Dynamic are a New York-based premium audio brand that focuses on quality materials and sound. Their flagship Wireless Earbuds, the MW08 True Wireless Earbuds, are my personal favorites. You can purchase the MW08 True Wireless Earbuds for $300 and the MW75 Bluetooth Headphones for $650. You can also purchase these headphones on Amazon, though their prices are subject to change depending on the currency you’re buying in.


The JLab GO Air wireless earbuds offer Bluetooth connectivity, making them ideal for long commutes, working out, and even hanging out by the pool. Users simply have to hold down the Multi-function button for 3 seconds to turn the earbuds on and pair them with their phone.

The JLab earbuds’ LEDs blink blue when they are ready to pair. The LED color varies depending on the model. Once paired, the headphones should be listed in Bluetooth settings. The LEDs on the earbuds should stop blinking. In some cases, the earbuds will give an audible announcement of the pairing process.

The JLab GO Air wireless earbuds are 20 percent smaller than the JBuds Air and offer the same 20-hour playtime. These earbuds also feature a slim, easy-to-store carrying case and strong magnetic connectors. They also include a one-year limited warranty.

JLab’s Air Icon

The JLab Air Icon True Wireless Earbuds have, touch sensors, automatic pairing. They are also IP55-rated, which means they can withstand sweat. If you want true wireless earbuds, you should definitely consider this product.

You can easily charge the Air Icon by placing it in its charging case. It features a convenient USB charging cable and a three-LED indicator to tell you how much battery life is left. Although the case lacks a magnetic clasp, you can always buy a new charging case if you need to replace the one that is in your case.

The JBuds Air Icon has a good build. They feel quite dense and should withstand drops. They are also water and dust-resistant. The charging case also comes with an extra pair of eartips and Cush Fins to keep them comfortable.

JLab’s Epic Air Sport ANC

The Epic Air Sport offers 70 hours of playtime and 3 EQ settings. The device also features Beware Audio for the best possible sound quality. These wireless earbuds are available in a variety of colors and are priced reasonably. You’ll find them in stores starting at $99.

In addition to their wireless connectivity, the Epic Air Sport ANC comes with a charging case, five extra pairs of eartips, and a user’s guide. The charging case also contains a USB cable for easy charging and pairing. The headphones are surprisingly lightweight, and durable, but there’s a slight risk of them falling out of your ears when in the rain.

As for the weight and design, the Epic Air Sport ANC weighs only 10 grams thanks to a bracket supporting the earbuds. This allows the device to fit snugly in your ear. They are also available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. One disadvantage of the JLab Epic Air Sport ANC is that it only comes in black, which isn’t great if you’re active outdoors.

Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro

Soundcore’s Liberty Air 2 Pro wireless earbuds delivers a high-quality audio experience with active noise cancellation. The earbuds offer 45% more bass and a 30% wider frequency range than standard earbuds. This is thanks to ten hardened nano-layers coating the drivers, which generate sound with stunning accuracy.

Soundcore’s companion app allows users to customize their experience with their music by adjusting the volume or skipping tracks. They also feature customizable touch controls and the SoundID feature that allow you to tailor the sound to your hearing. This is a convenient feature for those who listen to music while driving or working, and makes the headphones easy to use and comfortable to wear.

The Liberty Air 2 Pro wireless earbuds have a good balance of low and high frequencies, with a strong bass response and a well-sorted midrange and crisp highs. The headphone’s unique sound tuning is further enhanced by the HearID feature, which allows users to adjust the earbuds’ low and high frequencies. However, to fully take advantage of HearID, users must make sure they’re in a quiet environment.

Cambridge Audio earmuffs

While the wireless earmuffs don’t feature active noise cancellation, they do provide adequate noise handling. They do struggle to block out the low rumble of a car’s engine and moderate ambient noise. This makes them difficult to use in noisy environments, such as office chatter.

Although the Melomania 1+ wireless earbud design shares many components with its predecessor, the new Melomania 1+ is more comfortable than its predecessor. Its ear buds feature a new, streamlined design and an airtight fit. The Melomania 1+ also has a USB-C port on the side and a battery-indicator LED on the front. The earbuds are comfortable enough to wear for most people, and they do not cause pressure in the ear.

Plus wireless feature built-in case keeps them safe and convenient when not in use. They are also water-resistant and have an IPX5 rating. Because they are water-resistant, they can be used in showers or in the rain without affecting audio quality. Because they are made of brushed plastic, they’re also resistant to accidental drops.