5 Event Platforms to Host Your Next Event

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Event Platforms are a great way to host your events and interact with guests. These platforms come with features like speaker lounges that allow host speakers and attendees to interact before the event. They also allow you to interact with your guests one-to-one or with a large group. Regardless of what your event is, there is a platform for you.

Big Marker

If you are planning to hold an event and want to create a registration page to sell tickets, you can do it with the BigMarker Event Platforms. The platform has a built-in system for ticket sales and registration, and integrates with other event management software. It also offers built-in features for creating different types of passes.

BigMarker is highly customizable, and it can integrate with several software applications. It is also compatible with many operating systems. Moreover, it is integrated with leading email, CRM, and marketing applications. It also has monetization features, so you can sell tickets and customize your marketing emails. Besides that, BigMarker also has the ability to integrate with social media and other third-party applications.

BigMarker is a browser-based event platform that helps you host virtual meetings, presentations, and more. You can even record and archive webinars and webcasts. The software also lets you manage invites and manage registrations. It also features an online directory listing that allows attendees to find upcoming Event Platforms. Moreover, it provides tools for engagement with sponsors. So, if you want to promote your business and create a successful event, BigMarker is the way to go.

In addition to the built-in features, BigMarker provides an extensive help center. The support team can answer questions regarding basic integration, troubleshooting, and common questions about the platform. Its back end is clean and streamlined, and it is easy to use. There is a point-and-click editor, which makes it easy for anyone to create a customized event page.

Cvent Event Platforms

The Cvent event platform helps you create and deliver events that are engaging, and extend that engagement beyond the event. It includes interactive features like Cvent’s Attendee Hub, which allows attendees to interact in real time, create polls, and dynamic Q&As. Additionally, Cvent’s studio allows you to produce broadcast-quality videos. Attendees can also connect with others who share their interests. Finally, the Cvent AI tool can suggest content that is relevant to attendees.

Event planning is a complicated task, but the Cvent platform makes it easy for anyone to streamline the process. The platform also helps you manage the budget and track the attendance. By automating this process, you can keep track of the progress of your event and create custom reports or dashboards. This information can then be exported into a variety of formats. Whether you’re a corporate event planner or an individual organizer, Cvent will save you time and headaches by automating your event management processes.

Another event management tool that integrates with Cvent is Hopin. This tool is designed to integrate with email and social media networks. It also offers tools for managing your email campaign and managing your subscribers. However, it’s not free, and it’s best suited for larger events. It’s also easy to use and requires no coding knowledge.


The HexaFair Event Platform is a comprehensive online event management and streaming platform that helps event organizers create, manage and promote events. It also includes payment processing tools and professional-looking event websites and emails. Its CRM and Google Analytics integration allow event organizers to analyze their marketing efforts and tailor their events to reach a specific audience.

In addition to its virtual event management capabilities, HexaFair is also designed to integrate seamlessly with CRM and ERP systems. The platform also offers tools to engage virtual attendees and exhibitors alike. The platform’s interactive apps and hybrid polling capabilities enable in-person and virtual attendees to communicate with one another. This means attendees can easily find the right information and make reservations. The event app also enables exhibitors to communicate with their virtual audience, share ideas, and access contact information.


Swapcard is an event scheduling, networking, and lead-capturing tool that helps users build quality connections and schedule in-person business meetings. Users can join a community by activating a profile, view a list of participants, speakers, and sessions, and bookmark sessions that interest them. The platform uses artificial intelligence to suggest other users based on their shared interests.

The Swapcard app is available for desktop, mobile, and web, and it offers a range of features and options to help event organizers maximize their attendance. It features an integrated payment processor, contactless check-in, and built-in access control. It helps event organisers deliver a customized experience to their attendees, facilitating meaningful conversations. It also helps event organisers collect valuable data and monetize event participants.

The Swapcard event platform makes it easy to add interactive widgets that help promote your event. The widgets can include information about the event, such as the schedule, bios of speakers, and vendor booth location. They can also provide live updates on the event, so event participants can stay updated with the latest information.


Airmeet is a new event platform that gives you the ability to create, manage, and stream interactive meetings from virtually anywhere. Its mission is to simplify virtual and hybrid event management, and it’s designed for both large and small groups. The platform allows you to host a range of different events, from team standups to workshops to webinars and industry conferences. Organizers can customize their branding and manage their events with ease. You can even add social media promotion to your events to ensure the maximum engagement amongst your attendees.

Another great feature of the Airmeet Event Platform is that it is completely browser-based, meaning there is no need for any software to download. This means there is no latency and you can easily stream events to your audience on any device. Besides being easy to use, Airmeet also offers robust security features such as GDPR compliance and guest authentication.

Airmeet also offers a mobile app, so participants can easily join using a smartphone. Users can also customize the layout and design of their event, add polls and reactions, and set audio and video settings. Airmeet also lets users change their resolution and add closed captions to their videos.

Airmeet also offers advanced analytics that allow event organizers to see the success of their events. The analytics module allows event organizers to track their events in real time. They can even see what’s working and what’s not. This allows them to tailor their events to the people that are most likely to be interested in what they’re learning.

Soapbox Engage

If you’re looking to streamline event management and boost revenue, the Soapbox Engage event platform can help. Using this platform’s Salesforce integration, you can create unlimited events and track member participation with ease. And because Soapbox Engage is mobile optimized, your event registration pages can be customized to match your organization’s branding.

Whether you’re hosting a fundraiser or a fundraising event, Soapbox Engage will help you manage all of the details. Its integrated event platform helps you streamline registration management and administrative tasks, such as generating reports and sending out newsletters. Registrations are automatically matched to existing contact records, so you don’t have to manually enter data from various systems.

Another important feature of Soapbox Engage is its donation feature. It makes it easy for attendees to make a donation, and the platform offers secure transactions. All donations and event payments are automatically saved to Salesforce. However, the software does charge a 1.9% platform fee, and add-on services may have additional costs.

Soapbox Engage offers an event platform that allows nonprofits to organize multiple fundraising events. The platform also includes tools for event management, classes, and fundraising. In addition, it supports integration with Salesforce and a variety of payment processors.